CHEVALIERS DU ROLAND® is a site dedicated to our love of rare dog breeds, including Beaucerons and Anatolian Shepherds. Our philosophy is that all of our dogs should conform to the standard of their breed, perform their breed's tasks, and be a dog for the family. Movement is a criterion of structure, thus a goal in our breeding philosophy. Our intent is that our dogs will perform their tasks and have the temperament interact with the whole family. Puppies are occasionally available, as we breed on an intermittent and planned basis while attempting to produce superior animals.

The Beauceron
The Beauceron is also known as the Berger De Beauce and as the Bas Rouge. It is an old breed that originated in France. The breed is used as herding dogs, but can be used as general utility dogs. The general utility uses for the Beauceron include search and rescue, explosive detection, messenger dogs and service dogs for the handicapped. Beaucerons are good family dogs if they are well socialized and any children are able to correct the dog. The breed is very people oriented, loves its family, and is protective of its "home" and family.

The Beauceron has a natural instinct to herd, and like any herding breed is energetic. A Beauceron needs exercise and a job to keep the dog occupied and active. However, given sufficient activity, the Beauceron will happily lie at its owner's feet for hours.

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog
The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is an ancient breed that is known for its loyalty, hardiness, and independence. It originated in Turkey. Not only is the breed intelligent and responsive, but it is protective of its family, property, and flock. It is a large working dog that is calm until called upon to function or to protect.

Said to be independent, it is happier with people it loves. It is quiet until it observes a threat. However, the dog must be socialized. The Anatolian deserves exercise, but will be happy to exist at its owner's feet for long periods of time.